Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes in many forms, have you ever questioned where yours comes from?

Do you often wonder where the bright ideas that pop into your brain when you least expect it appear from?

Have you ever thought that this is more communication from your Spirit Guides?

Whilst purchasing new stock recently for some upcoming markets and festivals I am going to, I was guided to look at some stock I would not normally consider.

These items are great although not my usual style, but in saying that, so many ideas just popped into my head of how to use them, what to make with them and who would be inspired to buy them. (Exciting huh!)

As a struggling creative at the best of times, I can spend hours and hours trying to think up new directions, new ideas and new concepts to bring to my business but sometimes these little gems of ideas appear out of nowhere.

So, I sit and ask myselfwhere does this inspiration come from? Why can’t I access it when I actually put effort into thinking up ideas?

I discovered that these inspirational ideas are some of great little suggestions and images shared to me by my spirit guides!

Yes, they may not seem huge in the scheme of things, but they are very helpful when you are stuck and you need some guidance, and creativity is not your greatest skill.

Do your Spirit Guides give you Inspiration?

How do I know it is my Spirit Guide you ask; and not just brilliant ideas from my own conscious or subconscious brain? For me personally, it is when I ask where did that come from I get a little giggle in my head and my guides are letting me know that they are sending me some cosmic help along the way.

Does this happen to you? Do you ever ask your guides if they are assisting you in these ways? (after the fact) or do you simply say to yourself  “How did that just happen?”

Now if I was to sit and communicate with my guides I don’t normally get these brilliant ideas as I am too focused on receiving messages, but when I allow it to flow naturally with what I am doing at the time – some fantastic ideas are gifted me.

I appreciate all these little pearls of wisdom that they share as they are unique to their own characters as well as helping me create a deep bond with my guides and learning to trust my instincts when it all falls into place just as I envisaged.

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