Stay motivated

Tips to stay motivated

6 simple tips to help you stay motivated.

Motivation comes easy to many but not to everyone.

Are you a self-motivator or do you need help?

These are some of my favourite tips to stay motivated. They form part of my daily routine and allow me to get through what needs to be done each day with ease.


1. Why making your bed can help you stay motivated

I saw an inspirational video once by a Navy Seal – Admiral William H. McRaven. One of the inspirational tips he talks about is making your bed. It really stuck with me.

By making your bed in the morning, you realise you have accomplished at least one thing each day. From here you can go on and do so much more.

As someone who rarely made their bed, I am now a convert and do it nearly every day (nearly because some days I’m lazy and don’t lol).

I have found this tip the best to stay motivated because it made me feel ready to start the day. It is easy to get to work as I can already see something I achieved that day.

At the end of the day when you come to bed, you have so much appreciation for it too. This also creates a great vibration for you when you as you will feel so happy seeing tangible results right in front of you.


2. Write a list

I love To-Do lists, don’t you?

Writing down what I want and expect to accomplish each day or week gives me structure. I know what I plan to do and it keeps me on track when procrastination and boredom kick in.

The best motivation tip I read about to-do lists is: do the thing you dislike the most first. This way it is over and done with and you can power on throughout the rest of your day.

Since I like to do multiple things at once, I can chop and change tasks all day long. So I find the list keeps me focused on what I am doing and as well as making sure everything gets completed. Prioritising them also helps you not miss any deadlines and keeps all of your appointments in plain view.

If there are things I don’t want to forget like meetings and appointments, I also like to set reminders or alarms on my phone or watch. This helps to keep me focused on what I am doing without clock watching and I still turn up on time. I find this keeps me better on track than the normal calendar reminders which I sometimes miss.


3. Self-care spiritual routine

Each morning as I get out of bed, I like to ground my energy back into my body and set myself up for the day. After showing and getting ready, I choose my crystals and spray myself with an aura cleanser.

Then I start my self-care routine by pulling 3 of my personal oracle cards to uplift me each day. I shuffle the cards asking my guides what do I need to know most today.

Next, I write the cards in my journal, set my intentions, do a mini-meditation with my guides and angels to check in and choose how to use my crystals that day.

These simple things set up a beautiful vibration for my day and by making my intentions clear, I know what I will go out and accomplish. They are promises to myself of what I am going to do and help me stay motivated to complete them.


4. Reach out to your network

We all create networks of family, friends and business buddies in our life.

I have a few that I am able to reach out to in order to give and gain support. Sometimes they need it as much as I do and bouncing ideas off each other is a powerful way to get into high gear and power through your day.

Asking for support is easy, giving the help they need is inspiring and you never know what golden nuggets they can offer you in return.

No one ever really does it alone. There is also someone they have in their corner. Whether it be business or personal, utilise the networks around you to make your life easier.


5. Create an accountability group to stay motivated

Small businesses can be hard and lonely. There are many solopreneurs out there who lack the support needed in order to get everything done with ease and flow.

Accountability groups are a great way to help you all stay motivated and uplift each other daily or weekly depending on your availability. Video group calls, especially right now can be the exact thing to keep you all in contact and help you stay on track.

I am a member of a group that meets daily. We set Pomodoro’s (25 min sessions) so you can go and do your work before coming back to chat with each other in between the sessions. A power hour of support and connection to get your day heading in the right direction.

It can also be a great environment to unload stresses, find mental health support and make great new friends.


6. Hire a coach

Finally, if you need that deeper push or more structured and organised motivation – hire a coach. Coaches can help you in many different areas of your life and motivation is just one key area.

I know a coach that uses Viber to send short voice messages to her clients to motivate them each day. They also have the ability to voice call her back to ask for the exact support they need. This is an extremely useful tool with your mindset and mental health that you may struggle with.

Every major sports person has a coach, not only just for technique and training but also for motivation.

Having a meeting schedule that you have to commit to with another person makes sure that you have a deeper level of accountability than other methods. It is also a great way for you and your coach to track and follow your progress in the other areas of your life that you may need it.


Any or all of these methods can help you stay motivated in different ways. Make sure you work out which ones work best for you. You are the only one who can decide that.

I have used them all and I have found many different results with them. Just use what works for you.




Would you like to know more about how a life coach can help you stay motivated and move forward with your life. Book a call for a 15 minute chat today. 

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Shaz Cini

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19 July 2021

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