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The Different Clairs Explained

You may have heard of the 4 primary clairs – Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), and Claircognizant (clear knowing). They are the main ways people connect to their intuition and spiritual gifts. Most people will have a predominant Clair – the way they experience their spiritual connection. How they describe their connection – I see, I feel, I know, or I hear. You can grow the connection to your clairs by doing spiritual development, either by joining a circle/class or through your personal meditation and development.


People described as clairvoyant can see people, images, visions, auras, realms, and more through your third eye. Most often these will be seen by closing your eyes and seeing through the third eye but others will see them with their natural eyesight as well. A highly developed clairvoyant may have trouble discerning the spirit realm from the reality of the Earth plane.

Some of the things they can see are:

  • Auras around people
  • Lost loved ones and animals or pets much like they are still alive
  • Spiritual Guides including – Angels, elementals, spirit guides, and ascended masters.
  • Symbology and sacred geometry

A clairvoyant person when describing things in their intuition will say “I see” and then go on to describe the vision they are seeing. This is how they will piece together the message that is coming through for you.

An emerging clairvoyant will often get headaches around their third eye (the middle of the forehead between the brows). This is a sign your guides want to communicate with you using your vision. Meditation is the best practice to receive these messages. Closing your eyes and paying attention to the visions forming in your mind via your third eye. The visions will not start out that clear – they will be small and sometimes like an outline in a black space. It takes time to develop the third eye but in time you will start to see colours, images, and people more clearly.


Clairaudient people hear the voice of spirit inside and outside of their heads depending on how they communicate with the spiritual realm. The first sign you receive to identify your clairaudience is ringing in the ears or white noise. A lot of people mistake these sounds for tinnitus. Sometimes it is just the doorbell your spirit guides use to gain your attention.

Sometimes you will wonder if the voice or thoughts in your head are your own or that of the spiritual realm. Two easy ways to know the difference are
1. to listen to the way it is spoken, it will be different to the normal way you talk.
2. ask a question you want the answer to and you will start to hear the reply before you even finish the question.

We often think that sitting in silence we start to talk and communicate with ourselves. This will be a form of inspiration or advice from your spirit guides or higher-self. When you are quiet in your mind – it does not magically come up with all the answers you are seeking. Silence does not make us automatically know the answers we are searching for. It does, however, give our guides and angels permission to communicate with us. We open the channel to hear them.

If you are having trouble connecting to them but have a lot of ringing in your ears and are not sure why – you may just be on a different frequency then they are. It is something you can change and my 7 Steps to Activate your Clairaudience E-book may help you create your connection.


A lot of people think clairsentience and empathy are the same but they are slightly different. Clairsentient people feel things from the energy field of people and items. They feel the energy of old buildings, furniture, and places. They connect to what has been there before and can tell you about it through how they feel it either physically or emotionally. When describing what they are doing they will say “I feel” more often than not.

Empathic people feel a lot of things similarly to clairsentient people but they also have a deep need to transmute any negative energy or vibration to a higher vibration. They are often healers. While connecting to this vibration or frequency they will want to uplift and help people shift through it. Clairsentient people can connect and read the energy without wanting to help shift that vibration.

You can tap into this energy by practicing on old furniture items or artifacts to see what you can feel from it. You can visit a cemetery and see what you can feel from the energy of the gravesites. During mediumship, they will show you through your body how they died and you feel it inside you. Clairsentient people can also walk through people’s energy fields and tap into their emotional or physical state.


Have you ever known something that you know you have never really learned consciously? This is one of the signs of claircognizant people. You can ask them questions and they will come up with answers that they are unsure of how they know the answer. But the knowledge is complete and they are sure it is the truth.

“I know” is one of their favourite sayings when describing the spiritual connection. They will know how someone died, what they were like in life, what they used to do, and what was important to them. It will not come through a thought, a vision, or feeling just a knowing.

Claircognizant people will often buy books and absorb them and understand the text before they have read it. They will know things about the greater consciousness that they have not learned and they can tap into collective energy for answers to things they are unaware of. They do not require physical proof for a lot of things they will just know it to be true. I can see through lies quickly and know when someone is being dishonest.

So now you know your clairs

None of the clairs are better than the others. They are all different in their own way just like people are. You can use all of the clairs at any time but you will find you have one predominant clair. Do you know you yours?

Want to learn more about how to connect to your own clairs and intuition – come and join my Facebook Group – Spiritual Awakening with Shaz

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18 September 2020

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