What an amazing experience and shift I had with Shaz during my 3-month intuitive coaching sessions. She is a highly gifted psychic medium and empath, and with her support and guidance, I was able to tune into my guides and angels, develop my intuition, access my higher self and shift some fundamental emotions and blocks that ultimately helped to raise my energy, vibration and focus. I was also able to add valuable insights into my business from the spiritual development work that we did. It's been a beautiful journey and I can sincerely say, Shaz is amazing and one of a kind!"

– Jasmine B. 

Shaz has an incredible gift! She is a pleasure to work with, makes you feel relaxed and excited all at the same time. The accuracy of her readings are mind blowing! I received my messages with clarity and profound meaning. I highly recommend a reading with Shaz, you will not be disappointed

– Elisa Kupresanin

I had a reading with Shaz and she was truly amazing! She was able to connect with things in my life that no one else would know. Her reading was able to give me clarity. The reading came at a time when I needed it the most to motivate me and get inspired to move forward in my life. I’m truly grateful and highly recommend Shaz!

– Daniela Kupresanin

I felt amazingly light after our session, a really big breakthrough was made and the pain went away. Just slight feelings of discomfort remain, but I know doing the work it won’t take long to release. I haven’t felt this free in a long time – Thank you so much

– Nancy Katra

My first meeting with Shaz was amazing! She got my attention by delivering a beautiful message from a departed soul that is on my mind daily. This message was so important to me and I am so grateful to have received it. My healing session with Shaz was enlightening. I learned valuable insights into my past lives which resonated with me on a conscious level and answered and confirmed questions with me on my healing journey. Thank you! I look forward to having another session with you Shaz!

– Domenika Fairy

Shaz was absolutely incredible. Wow wow wow….. talk about divine timing. I feel like she helped me point out the missing pieces to the puzzle of my life. I can’t verbalise the value that I received through her divine guidance. She was spot on with everything that she told me! Absolutely incredible!! Having her relay messages to me from my dear Grandma who is deceased, is probably a life highlight for me

– Suzy Sanaa Elias

I did this course with Shaz recently - totally worth the investment. A safe, caring learning environment. like-minded souls in the group. At the beginning of the course, Shaz was directing me to Archangel Raphael and my totem animal - the magpie. The magpie took a few weeks to be noticed by me, but I certainly have felt his presence - towards the end of the course i was doing my daily walk, a magpie flew in front of me, then stood on the ground and looked at me and then walked in front of me for 20 metres or so, then flew up onto fence looked at me again and then flew away - a magical moment and blessing. Archangel Raphael has been with me, I see his colour in meditations The intuition course has developed my intuition and I have learnt so much Really!!!! - do yourself a favour and dive wholeheartedly into this course and learn from the awesome Shaz - you won't regret it 💜💜💜💜

– Pam Melling

Shaz was amazing! Through Shaz I was able to tap into my spirit guides and learn some amazing things about myself. She helped me resolve some issues that I had from my past life that was unknowingly affecting my health, predominantly my lungs. Since my session with Shaz, this issue has been resolved and my health has improved – no more pain in my lungs and difficulty breathing. I feel more at peace and content within myself have grown so much. Highly recommend Shaz!

– Rachel Townsend

Shaz Cini

Intuitive Life Coach