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When starting out on your Spiritual journey, one of the first things you start to notice is repetitive signs, numbers and symbols? If you see the same symbol, you want to know what it means? You will start seeing the same number sequence or repetitive numbers, or dream the same thing over and over again.  Go and research the meanings behind these patterns. There are many books and sites on google to help you with this. These resources are valuable and help you along your journey in understanding what the universe is trying to tell you. But when you start to use them for defining your intuitive messages, you need to create a dictionary of meanings for yourself.

Why your meanings are essential?

As you grow your intuitive skills and start to see more signs and symbols, your connections become imperative. Your guides and angels will start communicating with you in your unique language. It becomes a different form of shorthand. They will only give you things that have specific meanings for yourself. For example, my favourite flowers are Tulips, because it is my birthday flower and it is predominantly found in April (in Australia). So the meaning of tulip reminds me of birthdays, the month of April, and slightly different meanings for the different colours. My association for the symbol may vary from other people. When you first mention Tulips, the most common association is their reference to Holland.  So, it is up to you identify your meaning before delivering the message.

Word Associations

One of the most natural ways to do this is to write a list of the different signs and symbols you come across and practice word association. What are the first words that come to mind when you when you see them? What do they mean to you? When you have this written down, you may want to research further to identify some of the recognised meanings of the words, so you have a comparison and extended description. It comes in handy as you grow.

Always Trust the Symbols and worry about the meanings later.

Some words may not have a meaning for you to decipher but may be One of the harshest lessons I had to learn during a reading but to report the word as you hear or see it and take yourself and your opinions out of the conversation. The word I heard was Bluey, and due to my own experiences with the word, I found it hard to say it. As a redhead, this was used to insult me as a child. So I tried to work around the word and describe it to the client. I came up with the word Blue as not a colour, but I could hear talking around it. The client eventually recalled what it meant, and Bluey was the name of the family ventriloquist doll. So, the meaning of the word had nothing at all to do with the message as it was the name of an item. Sometimes there is no meaning for the word so deliver it to your clients first to allow them to interpret before you put any connotations on it.

Create a safe place for them

The more you learn, the more significant the list of your meanings will be. Creating a safe place, a lovely notebook or an individual file will help you keep track. Add each one as it comes up for you. It is something that will grow with each connection you make and each experience you have. You may take on other people’s meaning of the words and include them with your own. But your definitions will be the most significant because they come from your guides and higher self and talk in a language that you understand.

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