Do you smudge?

We often smudge our house, our body, and our aura but have you ever thought to smudge your mind.

Our thoughts can be overwhelming and we often get lost in our heads.

When it gets too much and we can’t gain control of our thought patterns we can fall into depression and suffer from anxiety.

The way the mind whirls becomes too much and we try to turn it over and over in our mind to sort it out.

Sometimes it works but many times it doesn’t.

The following tips can help you clear your thoughts.


Brain Dump

Write down all the thoughts in your head on a piece of paper or in your journal. Sometimes you don’t even realise what you are thinking until you write it down.

Overwhelm occurs when there is too much going on inside your head and you can’t bring it to order. By writing everything down you can easily see what you are thinking about.

Don’t think too much just free write. If you feel inclined to, follow your thoughts down the rabbit hole and see where it takes you. Although, the key is to get all the thoughts outside of your head.

Write until you have nothing left. Then you can take the time to analyse and review it all. Just make sure that you write it all down first.


Read over your thoughts

After you have written everything down. Read over these thoughts and work out which ones are important and which ones aren’t.

Categorise the thoughts. Link them together so you can see if there is a pattern or if there is more work for you to do with them.

Forgive yourself for the thoughts. Release them from your heart and mind and let them go.

Find out if they are still current. Ask yourself are they true – and do you still want to think like this.


How to smudge your thoughts

Much like you would do a smudging routine for your house or body, you can smudge your thoughts the same way.

The art of smudging is to release negative vibration and replace it with positive vibration.

So thank your thoughts for their purpose. Choose something else to replace them with. Find gratitude for the thoughts and the things you are choosing to replace them with.

If you feel so inclined, hold a small ceremony to burn your thoughts and release them to the universe. Use a sage stick, incense, or some palo santo to enhance your cleanse.

Set an intention to release these thoughts and accept your new way of thinking. Affirm your new thoughts and burn your paper as you let them go.

To enhance this experience, do it under the Full Moon as you release them.


Practice Gratitude and Affirmations

The process will only work completely if you replace the old thoughts with new ones.

As you have created space in your mind, you need to fill it with new thoughts as you don’t want it to fall back into the same patterns.

So, replace the negative thoughts with positive versions. Affirm these new thoughts that you choose to think instead.

Find gratitude for what was there before as you release it because it taught you something.

Fill your heart with gratitude for your new thoughts and repeat them often so they stick.


How often do I smudge my mind

This is not a quick one fix stop.

Depending on the depths of your beliefs and how long they have been swirling around inside of you, it may take time to replace them.

So whenever you feel the need, repeat the process.

Over time you will notice the thoughts no longer reoccur and your mind becomes brighter.


It is recommended to smudge your environment monthly, seasonally or yearly at a minimum.

I recommend you smudge your thoughts more often.

Any time you start to get bogged down in your mind, work through them.

Doing this relieved me of my depression and anxiety symptoms.




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