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Self-Development – How important is it

Do you practice self-development? Is it important to you? Or are you like a lot of people who are not sure what it is or why it is even important? Self-Development is all about working on your inner psyche and soul. It requires you to connect deep inside of yourself to see what is working and what is not. The only person who can decide to do this is you. You have to be aware. Aware that you are important enough. Aware that you want to change and aware that you are willing to do some hard yards. Self-Development is not easy. It is not a quick fix but, if you take the time and do it properly. You can not only learn a lot about yourself, you can change your own perspective on life.

Self-Development – Why do it?

Are you happy the way your life is right now? If you answer YES to this – then you are probably not looking to practice self-development or you have already been doing work on yourself for a long time. If you answer NO to this – it is because you are wanting to find a way to make things better and change your current circumstances. People who start true self-development are over finding excuses for reasons not to change. Are no longer happy with the status quo and most importantly, are willing to put effort into themselves and put themselves first. When you are ready to make the change, releasing old hurts and discovering new pathways is easy. Resistance to change is the biggest block and that shows up as not willing to put in the effort. Gremlins at work. We feel safer with what we know.

What does it involve?

It comes in many forms. You may consider healing, Reiki, Energy Healing, Soul Surgery, Kinesiology, Path Life Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Timeline therapy or more. These are examples of you putting your healing in the hands of someone else. The other more personal way for you to delve deep into your emotions is through journal work. So what do you need? You, a pen and a piece of paper – or if you are like me 8 notebooks that fill up really quickly. Finding the right questions to ask and moving past the resistance is where I can assist you. The hardest part is for us to find the true cause of the struggles we find ourselves with. Looking back the first time you learned that particular lesson.

It’s the subtle things that have the largest impact.

Looking back on my life and helping others to find their true blockages, what I discovered alarmed me at first. The small subtle things cause the most damage to our self-esteem and self-worth. Things like Grandma saying, no dear you can’t do that, only boys can. Is one way to stop you from doing things outside of your gender. The young boys at school telling you that you are not pretty enough, that you are not good enough to play with them or you can’t run as fast as they can. These can stop you believing in your looks or sporting prowess. Mum or Dad telling you no you are not smart enough to do that, or I don’t have enough money to send you the right school. Can stop you from studying at the levels you know you can achieve.

Finding the source.

As a child, all these little things may seem unimportant and you may feel they don’t really impact you but they do. They stop you from reaching further than the boundaries placed around you. You may not go on to University to study for the dream career you wanted as a child. You may not put as much effort into your sporting activities, due to lack of parental support. That little child inside you may grow up believing they are not pretty causing eating disorders, lack of worth and fear of being alone. This can send you into relationships that are not good for you. You can surround yourself with narcissistic and controlling people. You would be surprised how small incidents can have great impacts on how we deal with things as a child.

Healing the inner child.

Part of the journey is to go back and heal that inner child. Show them the love and support they never received, whether on purpose or inadvertently is insignificant. You will still need healing. When you look back on the incidents you will discover the people who created them have no real idea of how you responded to it. The only reason you responded that way is, you had not learned how to deal with it yet. As you are now grown up and know how to deal with these situations you go back and show your inner child how well you survived. You go back and heal her to show her how strong you grew up to be. Doing this shows you now that will never allow other people to make you feel this insignificant again.

Embracing the Lessons

As you work through the stages to get to understand why you went through these situations. you discover great things about yourself. You will uncover all the hidden lessons in each incident. Once you know what you learned and why you are able to embrace these qualities in yourself. Did you know that repeating mantras or sayings over and over will embed in your subconscious? It is one of the ways I show you how to embrace these lessons because true understanding is empowering. When you embrace these qualities you see how truly wonderful and powerful you are.

Empowering yourself

Finally, as you come to terms with what you have been through and survived. You will find a whole list of qualities that you have learned in your life. Things like strength, forgiveness, tenacity, love, freedom, choice and more. When you realise that they are powerful when you own you will learn great ways to empower yourself with them. Consequently, you will heal your heart and soul. You will learn to love yourself and forgive yourself too. We punish ourselves, far worse than anyone else ever could. Removing this treatment from our minds and replacing it with loving affirmations and newfound beliefs, you will shine brightly. You will own your true worth and set out to conquer the world. You will find your true passions in life and go after them knowing you are going to achieve each and every one of them.

Have you got your copy of the Daily Self-Care checklist? You might want to download it today.

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Shaz Cini

Shaz is a natural-born Psychic Medium and Empath who offers: ✨ online and phone readings ✨ Reiki Healings ✨ Reiki Training and Attunements ✨ Unicorn Reiki ✨ Seichim Healings ✨ Energy Healings ✨ Chakra Balances and Crystal Healings

18 August 2018

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