Cleansing the house is something that I recommend you do regularly. Whenever you feel the energy is heavy or you are going through a bad time. Every change of season, so the first week of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer and on the equinox days if you feel inclined.  Most people use White Sage, but there are a few other options available too. There is Palo Santo Wood, Black Sage (Mugwort), Incense, Salt and more but White Sage bundles are the easiest method.

How do you do this?

You will need some white sage and a feather or fan. You light the White sage and allow it to smoulder. It does not emit a lot of smoke, but there is enough to waft around the areas. Start with opening all the doors and windows if the weather permits. It is always best to start at the rear of the house. This way you are moving the energy from your home out the front door away from your house rather than pushing it out to settle in your backyard.

With your sage stick smoking, you fan the smoke around all the doorways, corners of the walls, window sills and all the furniture asking for all the negative energy to be removed and replaced with white light and love. This ritual is how you replace the negative energy with your positive vibrations.

Some people have also been known to call in Archangel Michael to help you clear this energy and remove it away from you. You can activate your spirit team to help you or raise your vibrational energy with music and dancing.

Why do I do this at the change of the season?

I recommend doing this with the change of seasons for a couple of reasons. You can also activate your Feng Shui Qi (Chinese Philosophy – Universal Life Force) energy in this way. We go through many changes with the seasons, and they activate different energetic vibrations.  Autumn is all about releasing and cutting back. Winter is a time of low energy, hibernation and can be a time of illness. Spring is all about rebirth and growth. Summer is higher vibration and happiness.

As you energetically adjust to these changes, it is always good to cleanse away the older energy, so it is no longer stagnant and refreshes it with what is to come. It is also a great time to set intentions for what you want for the coming seasons too.

Important days to sage?

The most important day of the year to Sage your house is New Years Day. I do this with loud high vibe music, blessing the previous year and welcoming the new one. Setting your intentions for what you want out of the coming year and raising your vibration to attune to the new number of the year.

I also recommend you sage and clear all your energy and personal belongings on or around your birthday. It is another vibrational change as you energetically move between one birth year number and another. I make a list of all the things I want out of the coming year and present them to the universe. It is when I set my larger goals.

Other times you will get great benefit from Saging.

When you first move into a property, I recommend you Sage it before you bring your belongings in and set the intentions for what you want and expect out of your new environment. You will want to remove any lingering energy from the previous owners or tenants, and you will also want to claim it as your own.

I also recommend you sage again after you have a long-term visitor leave or housemate or partner moves out.  When you have an unwanted visitor, a friend that drains your energy or that pesky argument with your partner. Releasing these connections with the house allows you to claim it for your own and set up your protection and intentions.

You can also sage when you purchase any new items for your household, make any significant changes in yourself or the environment. Doing new moon or full moon rituals or cleansing and clearing your crystals.

These are just some of the Tips and Tricks you will learn in my Psychic Development weekly classes.