Release and Heal Your Emotional Pain

Do you have a niggling pain somewhere in your body that you can’t explain? There many different aches and pains in our bodies. Some passing through, others come and go, and there are those that come from accidents and incidences. These are not coincidences or random events, they are signs and communication from the Universe, your guides, or your Angels.

That there is no reason for but it keeps coming back to haunt you at the most inopportune times. Have you considered it is a remnant from a past life that you need to clear? Something you chose to process through in this lifetime to clear and heal from.

How is your pain talking to you?

For example – when you trip and fall and scrape a knee, this is a message talking about flexibility or rather inflexibility in your life. That pain in your lower back is a sign you are struggling with worries about your finances. The weight or heaviness you feel in your shoulders is carrying burdens for others or pushing your own needs down. Menstrual pain or female problems can be a reflection of your relationship with your Mother or other important females in your life.

These are pains that are directly related to your emotions and feelings that are not being faced or processed. You can change how they are affecting you by looking beneath the surface of what your pain is telling you.

This is where I come in – I have created this beautiful “Release your Emotional Pain” session. I will guide you into a slight hypnosis trance state and help you uncover the hidden messages behind your pain. I hold space for you to sort through it all. Ask you deep questions to uncover your blocks. Allow you to process and feel the hidden emotions and help you release them once and for all.

Special Introductory Price – $99.00

Let’s schedule a 15min Free call to cover
how I might be able to help you

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