Let me connect with your current situation, its energy and share guided messages to allow you options for moving forward

I am Shaz Cini, Intuitive Life Coach and a natural born Psychic/Medium. There are many reasons people connect with me, below I share how I can support you through my connection to the spiritual realm.

I have an ability which allows me to connect straight into your current situation, its energy and share guided messages to allow you options for moving forward.

I can also connect with your loved ones to help you find peace with their passing. We can resolve emotional pain that lingers from words unspoken or regretful last conversations. There is a way to let them know you loved them and allow you to move on.

When working together, I am also able to help with spiritual direction, career options, relationships and personal development.

I have several different types of reading styles. All readings can be done via Facebook Messenger, Video call or over the Phone.

Intuitive Empathic Readings

Using my Empathic skills, I can connect to your energy to feel energetic anomalies in your body, auric field, chakras, and energy. I am then able to determine what needs clearing, balancing, or healing for you.

Working with my guides I can contact your Guides and Spirit team to channel guidance directly for you. I can also connect with your Higher-Self to see where you are heading. Having access to this information can help you make clear conscious decisions about what to do next.

These channelled message readings allow you to ask questions and get clear guidance in the areas you want to know most. They provide great clarity in regards to your soul purpose and moving forward on your spiritual journey.

1-hour Readings – $150

Tarot Readings

What is Tarot? Tarot readings are universal and centuries old. Based on a 78 card system (22 major arcana, 56 minor arcana separated into 4 suits with 4 court cards in each) they give you clear guidance around your situation, show you paths and options open to you and can give timing for what is to come.

Connecting with my Rider-Waite Tarot deck, Animal Tarot and Archangel Power Tarot deck I can help you see into the Past, Present and Future. I use a comprehensive spread that shows you where you have been, how you got to where you are and where you are heading from now.

I have been reading the tarot cards since I was a 16 year old and read the cards in conjunction with my intuition giving you deep information for each card in the spread.

1-hour Readings – $150

Archangel Readings

The Archangels are messengers from God, have unique personalities and qualities and come to assist you when you ask them. They have their own set of special skills and you can call on them to help you at any time.

Would you like to learn which Archangels are working with you now and how to connect with them? I intuitively connect to the three Archangels that are working with you right now.

Sessions take around 20-30 minutes and you can ask some questions you would like them to assist you with and I will show you how to communicate with them for yourself.

Archangel readings – $77

Let’s schedule a 15min Free call to cover
how I might be able to help you

Shaz Cini

Intuitive Life Coach