What is Psychometry?

Psychometry is referred to as a token or object reading. A process of energetically connecting to an inanimate object and getting psychopathic feelings, images, sounds and vibrations through ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception). 

The reader holds the object creating an energetic connection with it, thereby resurrecting the historical memories attached to it in order to share with others. 

Psychometry is most commonly used on jewellery or inherited it items from our ancestors, such as antique furniture, artwork and historical artefacts. Some other items you can connect to include: rings, earrings, keys, watches, wallets, antiques, paintings, toys, dolls, fruits, vegetables, plants and more.

How do you do it?

You activate psychometry by touching the object and connecting with your intuitive guidance.

1. Start by holding an item that belongs to someone else.

2. Tap into the person’s energy or the vibration that is attached to it.

3. Allow yourself to feel, see, hear, smell or taste things with your senses.

4. Your ESP – 6th Sense or intuition helps you to interpret the energy.

5. Write down or inform the person you are reading the messages or sensations that you receive.

6. Whoever owns the object will then be able to tell you if it is accurate or not.

Practise often so you create a clearer connection and strengthen your intuition. 


Why do we use Psychometry?

Psychometry is used to create a connection to the past in order to access valuable information from it. It allows you to discover hidden details and is a very valuable tool in communicating with lost loved ones.

Psychometric energy opens the door to mediumship and connects with Spirit or crossed over loved ones. Used to resurrect historical events or to predict and give intuitive guidance for the future.


Are there any restrictions?

There are no restrictions as to what items you can connect with via Psychometry, that I know of.  You can use it to read anything and everything.

So long as there is an energetic connection between a person and an object you can use psychometry to read it. For the most part, an experienced reader can use anything with this method.

In summary, it is another use of your intuition at work via a third party tool.




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