There are a lot of opinions nowadays about psychic protection and whether or not you need it. Some people will state that if you work from a place of light and believe in yourself and your connection, it is unnecessary. Spirit will always protect you and keep you safe.  I think it is personal you need to find out what works or doesn’t work for you. So long as you feel safe when working with Spirit that is all that matters.


Why do I believe in Psychic Protection?

Light and dark exist and one is rarely without the other. I have experienced a connection with dark beings or demons and know they can be harmful and detrimental to your health. I have seen and worked with women who have been scratched, bitten and attacked in their sleep. Having cleared houses that were dense and heavy with lingering negativity. I have been energetically attacked both on the spirit realm and the physical plane. So, I practice my protection to keep me and my energy safe.


Does believing in it create or manifest it?

Sometimes focusing on it can bring it to the forefront of your mind and enhance it. Other times people can send it to you. So, this explains why lots of people protect from the evil eye. Why do some people believe in and practice voodoo, black magic and curses? Understanding and believing in these do not attract them to you. Awareness enables you to be conscious of what is happening so you can prevent it from harming you.


Is Psychic protection for everyone?

Not everyone will come in contact with negative beings and psychic attack, so no not everyone needs it. You may be lucky enough to avoid people like this, be kept away from haunted premises and never set foot inside a goal or ghost village. You may also be sheltered and surrounded by loving high vibrational people only. Not accepting this side may keep it away from you or you may not understand what psychic attack is.


What is Psychic Attack?


I have come across it in many forms. Jealousy, curves, ill-wishing, backstabbing, and envy are all natural forms of Psychic attack. It can be as simple as one person wishing harm to another and sending that vibrational energy can affect the unsuspecting and unprotected person. In-depth attacks can include black magic spells, curses, hexes or voodoo.  These are usually acted out with purposeful intent. Supernatural causes can be low lying entities, demonic possessions and residual energetic fields. Furthermore, it explains why you may feel a sick or heaviness in places with lots of tragic losses or mass murder sites.


How to activate psychic protection?

There are many different ways to activate your protective shell. You can create light energy with white gold light. Call forth Angelic protection from the Archangels. Set up mirrors around your auric field. Smudge yourself with sage, anoint yourself with oils. Wear protection crystals or mandalas. Tattoo symbolic sigils on your body. Activate a higher power. Praying to God. Chanting mantras, affirmations or spells.


Ultimately it is up to, what do you believe in and what works for you!




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