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Affirmation Cards

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They Really are FREAKING Powerful …  😂
If You Are Looking For The Ultimate deck of Affirmation Cards or GIft
These are the PERFECT Gift for the person who has everything. 

Well here you go... Freaking Awesome Affirmation Cards.

Not only are they an uplifting and positive gift to give

They’re also Freaking Funny too. LOL 🤣

Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone not totally LOVING this gift.

Not only will they help them knock down barriers they may not realise they are there - they will find humour doing it.

Check these out! Freaking Hilarious and only $27.00

Grab your pack now before they sell out!

P.S.  They Don't Actually Say "Freaking" LOL

Why did I make these Affirmation Cards

Do you struggle with your mindset?

Are you a coach who helps clients work on their mindset and uplifting their vibration?

Then this is the perfect deck of cards for you.

As a coach, I noticed a lot of my clients would still not believe me when I told them how amazing they are.

Their self-doubt and low self-worth would come up with blocks to receive greatness and normal affirmations were not doing it for them.

One day - I was a little fed up talking to a client about how great they were and them telling me all the reasons why they weren't.

So I told them - "You are Fucking Amazing" and listed the reasons why they were and how strong they were and why they were a survivor.

My client - took stock.

She sat up and said "YES I AM" - "I am FUCKING AMAZING"

This was the breakthrough we were looking for.

Her growth and journey shifted from that point.

Later that night in my meditation, my guides came and told me how great that worked and how many others needed it too.

So I went and tested it out on some friends and family members.

They all took notice when I started swearing at them - LOL.

When I used the word Fucking they paid attention.

Me being Me - wanted to know why.

So another Meditation with my guides and I was told - "It's all about the vibration.

This confused me for a little while as I pondered how the vibration come into it.

Then I remembered how words vibrate to numbers.

The word FUCKING vibrates at an 8.

8 as you know is all about power and strength.

This is how the Fucking Powerful Affirmation Cards come into being.

Raise your vibration - pull some daily Affirmation Cards - Say them out loud.

See how they make you feel.

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4 reviews for Affirmation Cards

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    Thank you Shaz for these f**cking powerful affirmations! They honestly just hit different to all the others….especially if you’re a bit of a sweary entrepreneur like me. Looooooove

    • ShazC

      Thank you Sarah, this is exactly why there were created and for people just like you.

  2. Michelle (verified owner)

    I just received my cards today and I just love them! What a great way to start each day with one of these fabulous F@%king affirmations!

    • ShazC

      I am so glad that you love these cards.

  3. Pam

    a great way to start the day with these awesome affirmations

    • ShazC

      Thank you Pam I am glad you use them each day.

  4. Billie

    Absolutely fucking amazing cards
    First card drawn “ I fucking value myself “
    I definitely needed that reminder
    Love these cards

    • ShazC

      Wow, that is fantastic Billie – this was my whole intention.

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