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DYI Combo Pack

The DYI Combo pack consists of the Develop Your Intuition Journal and Oracle cards along with the Fucking Powerful Affirmation Cards.


Develop Your Intuition Journal

A 90-day journal to help you Develop Your Intuition.

With 4 daily actions to help you increase your Intuition.

Drawing your Oracle or Tarot Cards - recording your intuitive impressions from your daily card reading will help you tune in to the world around you.

Intention Setting - by setting daily intentions you are clearly stating what you are wanting from the universe daily.

Meditation - through the quietness of your mind you will start to see, hear or feel your guides more clearly.

Researching a crystal will help you connect to the crystals of the earth for your healing journey.

You will get to see how much you are growing through your records and uncover your own special intuitive language.


Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards

A 52-card deck to help all levels of intuitive connection.

From the beginner to the most seasoned veteran, these cards assist you with opening the gateway to your guides and the angels.

Working with the Archangels these cards will help you gain clarity each day with what is going on in your life and for those around you.

Draw 3 cards daily to see what messages your guides are imparting and to learn your own intuitive patterns.

The simplicity of these cards guides you to listen to your own intuitive guidance without overthinking and getting in your own way.


Fucking Powerful Affirmation Cards

A 44-card deck to help you knock down the walls of resistance to your self-worth.

The word Fucking vibrates at an 8 and uses its power to shift through your limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks.

Shift into a power mindset with ease using this deck of affirmation cards.

They will help you raise your vibration, increase your self-worth and manifest your dreams.


A special gift for you

When you purchase the DYI Combo pack I will include a basic crystal kit of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst Tumble stones for free.

You can also join my private Facebook group to connect with like-minded people to share your intuitive journey with.





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