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Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards

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Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards

I am so excited to share these Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards with you.

I created the cards to assist you to Develop Your Intuition in your own unique way.

They are specifically designed to help you find clarity with the connection to your guides and the Archangels.

Helping you open the doorway to your intuition.

You can enhance your intuitive prowess so you can communicate with your guides to bring confidence to your readings.

Daily practice will bring you the best results – make this as easy as you can.

Draw 3 cards for yourself each day and write down your intuitive impression in your Develop Your Intuition Journal.

The cards and journal work well together – they complement each other to produce the best results.

Are you ready to Develop Your Intuition?

Would you like to learn how to connect to your cards and learn more about the Archangels that appear in this deck?

I host weekly classes online in zoom for you to learn how to read your oracle cards.

The class will help you get the most out of your oracle cards. You will learn the following:

  • What to do when you get your cards and how to connect with them.
  • How to treat your cards and get the best out of them.
  • An introduction to the Archangels and what they do
  • Different types of spreads to use
  • Simple steps to access your intuition
  • Practice reading your cards for other people.

Classes are only $20 each week. Message me on Facebook if you would like to join us.


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We are proud to announce you can also purchase the Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards from the following stockist.

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These cards are also available in my Etsy Store and on eBay.

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11 reviews for Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards

  1. Suzy E

    I absolutely adore these oracle cards coz they’re just simple and easy to use. No complex explanations or diagrams. Just one word honest truths. They are so easy to connect to, very positive and uplifting and fun to play with friends.

    • ShazC

      Thank you Suzy, this is exactly what I hoped for when I created them.

  2. Mel

    I’ve learnt to trust my intuition so much more since using these cards as you go exactly with what you intuitively pick up on , rather than a description in a book. They are a great size to shuffle and feel very smooth.

    • ShazC

      Thank you Mel, I love how you are growing with them.

  3. Michelle

    Love these cards & enjoy using them every day!

    • ShazC

      Thank you Michelle, I am glad they have become part of your daily routine.

  4. Gracie Allurah

    These cards are literally next level! By far one of the best decks I have ever used in my life! Such clear messages come from them they make you feel instantly understood and aligned! Thank you Shaz for creating such a helpful beautiful profound deck!

    • ShazC

      Thank you Gracie, it makes me so happy to hear this. They were created for just this purpose.

  5. Alice

    These cards are beautiful and so accurate! I’ve been using the in conjunction with the journal, and it has been just beautiful and helpful in developing my intuition. I highly recommend the cards and the journal to everyone – thank you Shaz ❤

    • ShazC

      Thank you Alice, I love hearing how much you enjoy my cards and journal.

  6. Michelle

    I am loving these cards and enjoy incorporating them into my daily routine. They are easy to use and are developing my intuition every time I use them. They fit easily into my hands and shuffle well. Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it, the more it grows and develops, and I thrive using this deck

    • ShazC

      Thank you Michelle, it makes me happy to hear how you use them daily.

  7. Leeanne C

    These cards are so uplifting and positive for me, it helps me tap into my own intuition, and that’s what it’s really about. I also like taking time writing in the journal. Looking back through the journal it’s interesting to see that sometimes the same card jumps out at me, and it’s always the card that seems to be guiding and helping me the most.

    • ShazC

      Thank you Leeanne, I love hearing how you are seeing the connection and patterns of your cards in your journal.

  8. Melissa Matthews

    I love these cards and use them professionally within Clairvoyant Readings. They are easy to use, straight-forward and fabulous for all levels, from the beginner through to the professional. Makes client readings a breeze.

    • ShazC

      Thank you Melissa, I am so happy to have you as a stockist too.

  9. Darleen Redman

    I am someone who has been intuitive for many years now, yet these cards have dialled up my intuition to a new level. The colours, the card stock are top notch. As soon as I start reading the words I channel so much information. I love how no matter your level of expertise these cards can support you in your readings.

    • ShazC

      Thank you Darleen, I just love hearing this.

  10. Cindy

    These cards are amazing, they have taught me to trust my intuition. I have played with tarot and oracle cards for years but never reached the stage I am at now, these cards paired with the workshop Shaz facilitates on a Sunday night has guided me to better understand how to read the messages that come through the cards. I am definitely more confident with my readings.

    • ShazC

      Thank you Cindy, I love watching you grow each week and seeing how confident you are getting.

  11. Sue Abel

    I love the simplicity and energy of these cards. They have been created with love and higher purpose. An absolute joy to use and educate myself to move onto a higher connection.

    • ShazC

      Thanks Sue, Yes that is how they were intended to be made.

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