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Develop your Intuition Journal


A 90-day guide to developing your intuition.


This 90-day journal offers a 4 step process to build your relationship with your spirit guides and intuition. Each day you are asked to draw a card or cards from your favourite Oracle, Tarot, or Affirmation deck. You can work through one deck at a time or as many as you like. Take some time to study the card. What do you feel, see, hear, or think about it? What stands out most for you? What is written on the card? Then tune into your intuition and free write your thoughts about it.

You are also asked to set a daily intention. This is a powerful process where you declare how you want your day to go. What you want to achieve and what you expect throughout your day.

A 5-10 minute meditation is to help you strengthen your connection to your guides. During this quiet time, you will either see, hear, feel or know what they are telling. Don't think about it just write down what comes to you in the way it comes to you. Start your statements by I see, I feel, I hear or I know - this will also help you understand your strongest clairs. Trust what comes and write what you do you naturally.

I have also included a different crystal for you to work with or look up each day. You can look them up in books or online. The intention is for you to view the crystal from the perspective of what it means to you or how it will work for you specifically.

There are also fortnightly reviews for you to find any synchronicities and patterns in your cards and messages. The journal also has some hidden extras as you work through it.


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Shaz Cini

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