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Citrine Tumblestones


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Citrine is a powerful stone and has many different properties. These are some simple ways you use can use Citrine for yourself.

  • A stone of wealth and abundance
  • It never needs cleaning and it absorbs and negates negative energy.
  • Brings confidence and self-belief to the wearer.
  • Use to cleanse your chakras - especially the Solar Plexus and Sacral.
  • Carry a piece in your wallet.
  • A fantastic gift for your friends and family as it shares the abundance around.
  • Can stimulate the digestive system - so it is great for those with gut issues.
  • Improves motivation and creativity helping you with self-expression.
  • When used in an elixir Citrine can help with menstrual and menopausal symptoms.
  • Helps to develop a positive attitude and releasing things from the past.
  • Wearing it as a pendant can help you verbalise your thoughts and feelings.

You can use Citrine in your grids to create abundance.

It works well with other abundant stones including aventurine, jade, iron pyrite, jet and amethyst.

I have special kits for abundance and wealth, check out other items in my shop and on my Etsy shop.

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