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Affirmation Cards Combo

The Affirmation Cards Combo includes the Fucking Powerful Affirmation Cards and Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards.


Fucking Powerful Affirmation Cards

A deck of 44 affirmation cards designed to shift your vibration.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to shift your mindset.

I AM are the two most powerful words in the world and when you add fucking after it, you shift to another dimension in your mind.

Did you know? - The word fucking vibrates to a number 8.

This vibration helps you feel powerful, breaks through barriers in your mind and makes you feel the words that follow.

You start to believe it more.

It is even noticeable in your Aura as you feel it more.

These cards have been created with you in mind.

They are the perfect palm size for shuffling and ease of use.

You can take them with you as they also fit perfectly in your handbag.

The Affirmation Cards Combo comes with my deck of Oracle Cards too.


Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards

These cards are designed specifically to help you Develop Your Intuition in your own unique way.

They will help you find clarity with the connection to your guides and the Archangels.

Helping you open the doorway to your intuition.

You can enhance your intuitive prowess so you can communicate with your guides to bring confidence to your readings.

Daily practice will bring you the best results – make this as easy as you can.

Draw 3 cards for yourself each day and write down your intuitive impression in your Develop Your Intuition Journal.

The cards and journal work well together – they complement each other to produce the best results.


Why do I need both decks of cards?

This combination of cards will not only help you increase the connection to your intuition but will shift your mindset to the next level.

A positive mindset helps you create that deeper connection with your Intuition that you have been looking for.

So step into your Power Mindset and raise your vibration so you can Develop Your Intuition with ease.

Looking for like-minded people to connect with and share your intuitive journey with - Join my group on Facebook.


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