Develop Your Intuition Oracle Card Classes

Weekly online classes learning how to read and understand your Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards.

Weekly classes every Sunday night on Zoom.
Working with the Develop Your Intuition Oracle cards. 

A weekly interactive online class in zoom to help you connect to your oracle cards. In these classes you will learn the following:

  • Understand the meanings of the Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards.
  • Connection to the Archangels – who they are, what they do and how to call on them in your daily life.
  • What the different combinations of the cards can mean.
  • Other ways to consider the meanings besides what is on the cards.
  • Different spreads to read with.
  • How to treat and store your cards.
  • Practice readings on each other in breakout rooms – to test your skills
  • Ask any questions regarding intuitive connection and your experiences with the oracle cards and journal.
  • How to tap into your strongest clair
  • Daily routines to build and strengthen your intuition
  • How to build your confidence and connection so you can become a professional reader
  • The best ways to practice your skills by yourself and with others
  • Why keeping records of your progress will help you improve

You will also get to connect with other like-minded women, form a support group, and grow trust in your own intuition and guidance from the Universe. Join the Facebook group Spiritual Awakening with Shaz to find out more.

Investment is $20 per week. You can come and go as you like.
Payments via BSB transfer.  Limited to 20 people.

Weekly online classes

Email me or join us in the Spiritual Awakening with Shaz group on Facebook

"Shaz’s Intuitive Connection Class, where we use our own deck of ‘Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards’ by Shaz Cini, has helped me trust in my own intuition immensely. By using this deck you are going with what you instantly intuitively pick up on, which has strengthened my ability and belief in the messages being received as I’m not getting confused by a long message on the card or what is written in an accompanying handbook. It’s also more than just readings. Shaz starts the class with a rundown on what she has been learning/discovering herself during the week and each week is dedicated to teaching us about one ArchAngel. A lot of the times this is directly channelled from the AA themselves. The class if fun, everyone is supportive and encouraging. I look forward to the class every week, Shaz has created a great community to practice our abilities and is always happy to share her vast spiritual knowledge."

– M.E. Penrith, NSW

“Shaz it was an awesome class and great way to learn amongst a group of likeminded beginners. I was surprised and empowered when I listened to my intuition and read for the person I was paired with. I cannot wait to learn more in the next class.”

– J.C. Clyde North, VIC

“ I really needed that, as I missed the classes I felt very inspirational when I left the class, thank you xxx”

– B.S. St Marys – NSW

"Awesome night thank you for hosting and pleasure to meet all you ladies ♥️ Definitely would love to do it again ♥️"

S.B. Marsfield – NSW

"I had such a blast 💥 I absolutely can’t wait for the next one and loved meeting you ladies ❤️"

S.E. Ryde, NSW

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