Negative Programming

Do you think you have negative programming? Do you know how to step out of it?

Step 1 – recognise it for what it is.

Negative programming is where you are taught by your parents, tv, peers, communities and books to think in a certain way. This programming stops you from achieving higher goals for self and moving forward in your life to your greatest potential.

Step 2 – recognising that you have negative programming.

When triggers are activated in your mind or body you need to identify them for what they are? Ask yourself why you feel this way? Why do you react this way? What caused these feeling or reactions?

Step 3 – fixing and deprogramming.

The most important part to this is that you want to change. Affirmations are a fantastic tool for this. Changing your mindset and reprogramming with positive reinforcements will override old programming exactly like writing a new script in a computer program.

Step 4 – Live your Life to your fullest potential.

Realise that there are no limits to the possibilities of anything you choose to do. Reach for the stars.

If you are ready to release this and move forward with your life and would like to learn more have a look at the new program I have developed to help you clear all of this away for yourself.

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