Sometimes it is the smallest things that have the most significant impact on our Psyche. In the past, have you ever been told you are not able to do something, that you are not good enough or you are not pretty/smart/talented enough? Without realising it consciously, this will still have an impact on your today.

The Past does not have to continue to affect you.

These hidden little gems will still affect you when someone says or does something to trigger the feelings and reactions from these events. As you grow and move forward in life, you can go back and look at these past situations from a different perspective. When you review them from what you learned from them and understand the hidden lesson, you can change your internal reactions to them.

How do I do this?

After learning a lot of different ways to deal with this, I found journaling and connecting to self the best method for dealing with my past. Reflecting on your story gives you great understanding, and you will now review it from an adults perspective rather than the child you were. What has changed between now and then? If the same comments were said to you right now, would your response still be the same? No! You will have grown and learned a lot since then, but you forgot to connect back to the event and understand that. When you do you change your internal and external response to it. You find the power within yourself as you have conquered it.

What do I do with the information?

Realising what you have learned is powerful, although you will need to embrace these lessons. You do this by telling and showing yourself how different you are from back then. Positive affirmations, intention setting and meditation all help you encompass these qualities in yourself. Visualise how different you are now that you know about these great qualities. Create daily mantras to repeat to yourself that integrate these attributes. Show yourself some love and healing.

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Transformation comes from within

As you continue to understand and embrace the lessons in your life, you begin to transform. It is is an internal process. You start to believe the greatness inside you, begin to love every part of yourself, show yourself some kindness and share your love and brilliance with others. Gratitude becomes second nature. You believe everything is possible and you light shines and brightens up the world around you. As all of this happens, you start to see changes on the outside as well. Your skin clears up, your eyes shine brighter, and you may even lose weight if you need to. Smiling becomes something you do all the time and don’t even realise it, and you can’t help but be polite and complimentary to others.

It is easier than you think it is

Finally, the mindset is very easy to change. We learn through repetitive practices. Doing things over and over and training the brain is simple. It takes 21 days to make a new habit. Keep doing this for 21 days, and you will start to believe it. Positive reinforcement makes a considerable impact when starting something new. Encouragement is important. Remember when you were a child, and your parents showed you something new. They repeated the pattern until you got it and showed their appreciation when you achieved it. Doing this for yourself is ok. Celebrate the milestones they have a more substantial impact that way.

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