Pain and how it speaks to you

How your Pain is talking to you!

Is your pain talking to you? Reoccurring pain can be linked to blocked emotions, both in this lifetime and from our past lives. It can show up for a few different reasons like:

  • You are ready to deal with your underlying emotions.
  • It is trying to convey a message in order to pivot or change the course of your life.
  • You are stuck in a cycle it is time to get out of.
  • You are ready to heal the things you incarnated to heal.

What it is really doing?

Pain is just an identifier for what is truly going on – a conscious reminder that something is amiss within yourselves or your emotions. There are many different reasons for each ache or pain within our body. Including hidden emotions, undealt with trauma, underlying causes, and erroneous thoughts. There are two great books that can help you understand all the different types of pain in your body. “The body is a barometer of the soul – Annette Noontil”  and “You can heal your Life – Louise L Hay”.

When you need to change your direction, you can and will be given an indicator within your body. One reason it will happen is if you are not in tune with other ways to receive your spiritual guidance. It is like a last line of defense from your Spirit team to communicate with you. So pay close attention to the messages your aches and pains are telling you.

How your pain speaks to you!

Those reoccurring aches and pains have a reason or message for you. For example, that sore throat you get when you have a big talk to give or that honest conversation you keep putting off with a dear friend or relative. That pesky knee that acts up when you are going back to the gym, decide to get your body on track or start exercising again after a long hiatus. The migraine that usually occurs when you have big events to go to – that maybe you don’t really want to go to but are too nice to say no.

These are not coincidences, just like that ache in your shoulder that you can’t explain that only plays up when you have to spend time with one member of your family. What it also could mean is that you have a past life soul conflict with that person that you have not yet faced and resolved.

Making it better is easy

These symptoms and pains are not something that you have to live with and can’t resolve. They can be easily fixed or adjusted. Uncovering the emotion attached or the message behind it will help you release the pain and then you can move on from it. Once you have identified it you can take the next steps to heal from it and move on with your life again. Sometimes you just have to identify it and that is enough, other times you will need to do some further healing.

Healing can include things like Reiki, Kinesiology, Hypnosis, journaling, and more. A lot of it can be done through self-development of digging beneath the surface to what is really going on or listening to your guides if you are connected enough. But, some of it would need outside assistance from healers that can help you. There are many tools that can help you like a “Healy Frequency Device”, singing bowls, Tibetan bells, and other sound and frequency devices as well.

Take control of your life and pain

So why not look at what messages your pain is talking to you about. Take control of your life and how pain shows up with it. Do the inner work? See the big difference you can make in your life when you let go of the pain that is no longer serving you.

If you choose to do it alone – start by asking yourself some simple questions for your journal. What is my pain telling me? What changes do I need to be making? Google the metaphysical meaning of your pain to find the underlying symptoms. Read and explore the two books I mentioned above.

Otherwise, I can help you with a Release Your Emotional Pain session, some Reiki Healing, Past Life Hypnosis, and more.  Let’s work together to discover what you aren’t hearing.




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  1. Darleen

    This makes so much sense. When I understood what my body was telling me it changed everything. Such a valuable tool being able to listen to your body.

    • ShazC

      So glad your enjoyed this one Darleen.


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