Develop Your Intuition

Develop your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition journal is a 90-day journey to help you increase your intuition. It is made for beginners and the experienced to allow you to create a daily routine to work with your spiritual gifts. You will record your daily cards, intentions, meditations, and crystals to show you your unique patterns and areas for personal growth. This journal was created to assist in communicating with your guides and angels so you can grow your connection and find your own way of receiving guidance.

Why the Develop Your Intuition Journal?

The Develop Your Intuition journal is to keep a record so you can remember what your messages are and find the patterns you are receiving. When you write these messages down daily, you start to recognise the signs and symbols that are specific to you. It will also help you identify timelines and accuracy, along with giving you confidence in your intuitive connection. The four daily tasks will also help you identify the best way you receive your messages – your primary and secondary clairs. Intuition is like a muscle the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

The Cards I Drew Today

Using your favourite Oracle, Tarot, or Affirmation decks, you will draw some cards each day. The best part about this process is you get to choose which cards you work with. You can change decks every day if you want to or get to know one single deck intimately. If you want to, you can also choose to work with multiple decks and cards each day. How many cards you draw is up to you.

When you pull out your cards each day you will write down the card information and tune into the energy of the card to find out what it is telling you. For beginners, if you are not sure you can always refer to the guidebook that comes with your cards. Otherwise, feel into the card, look at the details, and ask yourself –

  • What is standing out for you?
  • Are any colours or symbols more vibrant than others?
  • Is there anything I need to learn from this today?

In the space provided, write down all of these feelings and sensations. Clear your mind and free write all thoughts and feelings that are coming from the cards. Intuit your own message from the card – don’t overthink it – just write it down. The beauty of having a journal is that it is your private space. You can be as open and honest as you want to be because you don’t have to share it with anyone else ever – unless you choose to.

My Intention Today

Intention setting is a powerful tool to communicate with the universe. By writing it down each day you are declaring to the universe how you want your day to go and what your expectations are. In manifestation terms, you are asking for what you want so you can receive it. The most common thing we forget to do is ask for assistance. Setting intentions is the best way to ask, and you can see how great your vibration is by how easy it is delivered for you.

Most people know to set intentions on the New Moon and other special times of the year. Daily practice will make your wishes clearer, and you will begin to understand what is important for you. Setting intentions each morning will show you what you are expecting each day and allow your projects and goals to be reached faster and easier.

In my Meditation today.

A 5-10 minute daily meditation practice will help you create a connection with your guides and angels. It is in this quiet space they are best able to answer us. Depending on the type of person you are – in meditation – you will either see, hear, feel, know, taste, or smell different things. All of these senses are the way our intuition connects with us.

Write down the messages you get – start by saying I feel, I see, I hear, or I know. As you do you will discover your strongest clairs. Then you can work out the best way to grow them. If you don’t sense anything in meditation – keep practicing as it will come to you over time. In this space, just quiet your mind and focus on your breathing. Anything that comes to you at this moment is communication. Don’t question it, just write it down.

This Crystal is Teaching Me

A different crystal is listed every day for you to work with. If you have the crystal, it is best to use it and find out how it communicates or feels to you. Sometimes these feelings are subtle, a gentle vibration, and other times there will be a powerful response. Chances are, you won’t have all 90 crystals in the journal so I invite you to look up the meaning of the crystal in books or on the web. The intention is for you to find out how that particular crystal would work with you.

Each crystal has a lot of different meanings and healing properties. Some will stand out for you more than others. Find out what you need it for specifically. This will change person to person, but you will also find some commonalities of how you can share it with others. Some of the meanings will stand out for why you may want to refer your friends and families to use crystals.

The Fortnightly Review

Each fortnight you have a section to find out what patterns are occurring with your cards and meditations. You will also start to see if you are getting the same messages from the crystals of what sort of vibrations and healing you need in your life. Understanding the patterns and seeing repetition in your cards and messages is a form of confirmation and clarity you are on the right path. It is synchronicity, the sign of alignment with the universe.

As you summarise your findings, you will start to notice symbols or messages that appear in your meditations. Similar cards that show up each day. Common properties in the crystals that speak to you. These are all important aspects to pay attention to as they are what you need for your own self-development and part of the way you will start to understand what they are telling you for future reference. You will create your dictionary of meanings and special language that exists between you and your spirit team.

What you will get out of the Develop Your Intuition Journal

Knowledge is power; finding out as much detail about each crystal from different sources will increase your connection with crystals. Intuition is the same, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. These are just some ways for you to learn and grow. The most important aspect of it – is to do something daily. Connecting to our intuition daily will help us find true alignment with our purpose and passion in life. It will also bring you into alignment and flow with the universe.

You will understand how you receive your information. Follow the instincts inside of you. Grow in your confidence through trusting your decisions and you will also find out how you can share this magic with the world. Understanding your signs, symbols, and more will allow you to share your gifts with others. Recording your findings will help you find the timing, confirmation, and more.

There are also some hidden gifts in the journal, as you work through it. All you need to do is follow the instructions to contact me to update me on your progress. I have included some added bonuses for you to receive each fortnight. These bonuses will help you find out some more ways to find messages from your guides and angels.

Want your own Develop Your Intuition Journal – head on over to the shop and buy yours now!

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Shaz Cini

Shaz is a natural-born Psychic Medium and Empath who offers: ✨ online and phone readings ✨ Reiki Healings ✨ Reiki Training and Attunements ✨ Unicorn Reiki ✨ Seichim Healings ✨ Energy Healings ✨ Chakra Balances and Crystal Healings

15 October 2020

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