Change Environment with Black Tourmaline Selenite and Rose Quartz

Create a Happy Environment with Crystals

I love this combination, it was one of the first ones I created because of how often I was asked, can I change my environment? It is really versatile, so you can choose how and where you use them. You can choose big or small crystals to work in a small or large area as you prefer. Small pieces are really helpful around your office space or work environment. Larger chunks are helpful for your whole house.

What are the crystals?

Black Tourmaline – this wonderful stone helps you to take negative energy and turn it into a positive vibration. It is a great absorber of electromagnetic radiation, anger, frustration and more. Although it does more than absorbing the energy, it actually changes it to something positive.

Selenite – one the highest vibrational stones as it clears the energy of other stones and increases the energy released from them. The great enhancer. I recommend this one to make the combination stronger. It also takes away the need to cleanse and clear the stones as Selenite will do it for you.

Rose Quartz – the stone of unconditional love. Raising the vibration of love releases all negative feelings and makes you feel happy. It helps create a true positive feel for you and those around you.

Where to place them in your environment?

First of all, I call this kit a TV set. It is best placed in front of around the TV in your house as this is the largest emitter of EMF’s in your home. They are also very helpful around your computers and electronics. So place a smaller set on your desk in your office or your bedside table where you charge your phones etc.  Ultimately, the placement is up to you as they will work wonders where ever you place them. These are just my recommendations.

How does it work?

As a result, you are taking all your bad energy and changing it into positive energy, with the Black Tourmaline. Clearing and amplifying it, with the Selenite. Creating an environment filled with unconditional love. with the Rose Quartz.  I have sold many of these over the past few years and everyone says it makes a big difference in their environment.

I never go anywhere without mine – maybe you might want a set too.

Would you like to learn more about crystals? You may be interested in my weekly Psychic Development classes.

Shaz Cini Intuitive Life Coach Psychic Medium

Shaz Cini

Shaz is a natural-born Psychic Medium and Empath who offers: ✨ online and phone readings ✨ Reiki Healings ✨ Reiki Training and Attunements ✨ Unicorn Reiki ✨ Seichim Healings ✨ Energy Healings ✨ Chakra Balances and Crystal Healings

25 July 2018

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  1. Trudi

    I love my crystals but have never put this combination together before. Thank you x

    • ShazC

      It works wonders 🙂

  2. Lee

    I have heaps of crystals. The main ones i have out at the moment is a amethyst cave in my hall way, citrine cave in my lounge room and selenite tower lamp beside my bed. My rose quartz and tourmaline are packed away.

  3. Kathy

    Beautiful and such handy advice, thank you Shaz! <3


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