Understanding energetic cord cutting. Every single day, with each person that we interact with, whether from passing them by or talking with them, an energetic cord is created between you. This cord creates energy transfer between you and them. And while you can’t see the cord, these energetic links can have lingering effects on your mind and your energy.

At the end of the day, having all these cords attached can make you tired. From these connections, you can feel other people’s emotions and feelings like a weight within your energy field. This results in a sensation of heaviness in your body, making you feel exhausted and worn out from energies that are not your own.

You can change this with a few different techniques; my favourites are listed below.


What is Cord Cutting?

Cord cutting is removing the energy link between you and another person.

Everyone can do this every day without severing any relationships as they will reattach themselves if that is your intention. You can also cut these cords with the purpose of severing the connection and relationship permanently.

It is all about what you want out of the exercise.

A natural practice that will make a huge difference in your life the more you do it. When you combine cord cutting with the Ho’oponopono mantra, you can create a whole different context with any connection you create.


What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian tradition of how we release our energy streams with others. We do this through the mantra – I forgive, I’m Sorry, Thank You, and I Love You.

I have found that if you are having a confrontation or negative experience with someone, and you practice Ho’oponopono, you can change the whole interaction and experience with this person. This can include interactions a hairdresser, nail technician, bank teller or even someone on the telephone,

Intentionally, sending them forgiveness, stating you are sorry, thanking them and finally sending love can alter their whole day and persona in the process. Firstly, you will cut the cord and allow it to reattach from the space of healing after you have sent out your mantra.


4 effective ways cut energetic cords?


There are a few ways you can do this, and these are the simplest and most common versions that I use frequently.

  1. Ask Archangel Michael for assistance. AA Michael can use his sword of fire to cut the cords between yourself and others. Use this method when you want to sever them for good, and not allow them to reconnect. When you decide to leave people behind, bad relationships, bad jobs or other negative experiences. It helps keep you safe and when you set your intention that they are severed for good, it makes it more permanent until you permit them, or they use stronger connections to re-connect them.
  2. Using Selenite – Selenite is a powerful crystal that is able to cut cords between you and others energetically. A small rough block can be used like energetic soap to cut the cords and cleanse the auric field around you. Using Selenite to wash your auric field, you can remove all the connections that you have made throughout the day and enable your energy to renew itself. I highly recommend you do this at the end of each day and see the results for yourself.
  3. White Sage Soap – showering with this soap is an excellent way to cleanse the body and auric field, thereby cutting any cords from your day. I use this soap every time I shower with the intention of removing any unwanted cords and attachments and find myself refreshed with renewed vigour after each experience. It is a beautiful way to start the day and cleanse yourself after a long and tiring day. You will notice the difference almost instantly and find yourself rejuvenated and ready to start again. It is one of the simplest ways to let go of any unwanted energies after arguments or negative experiences.
  4. With the assistance of an energy healer. Enlisting a healing session with a qualified energy healer who specifically knows how to identify and remove cords. Cords can exist both from this life as well as from past life experiences. A healer can help to eliminate attachments that are affecting you more than want them to. They can help you understand things that are happening in your life but you are not sure how they started. They can also provide additional assistance to remove cords that are stronger than you may know how to deal with alone. The healer may incorporate other tools to clear these including crystals, sound objects (bells, crystal bowls, tuning forks ), different types of Reiki Energy healing or other types of energetic cleansing.


How often do you need to cut cords?

I recommend you do this practice daily to clear unwanted energy from your auric field and body.

Making cord cutting part of your daily spiritual practice will not only make you stronger with your intentions, but you will also have more energy each day and feel less tired. Other improvements include:

  • Better relationships with those around you.
  • Less negativity is hanging around.
  • Fewer mishaps or arguments.
  • A lightness to your vibration that enables you to create more positive outcomes in your daily life.


Finally, frequently asked questions.


  1. Will I sever relationships entirely if I cut cords with friends and family members.
    A. No, unless you intend to do so. Cutting all cords allow them to reattach with vibrational frequencies of love and joy, therefore creating better relationships for all involved.
  2. Can you cut cords with people forever?
    A. Yes. You can set the intention for this to do so. Sometimes it is not enough, and cords may be reattached again through contact with the person, but if you keep doing it and set the intention that it be so, you can sever your connection with those you no longer want to have an association with anymore.
  3. Will I hurt myself doing this?
    A. No. You can not hurt yourself or cause damage by cutting cords between yourself and others.


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