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Connect to Spirit Guides

One of the most popular questions people ask is – How did you learn to connect with your guides? There are many ways you can do this, so it is essential to find out which method works best for you. A lot of people recommend sitting in meditation to do this but, meditation is not that easy for me anymore. I used to be able to see and go off on lovely flying tours of the world when I meditated when I was younger. Nowadays, meditation to me is pretty much complete silence and darkness. I see images in the dark when I need to, but my guides and spirit team took away the distractions so I could focus. Trust me, when you can see everything from above and fly around the place you don’t do the work you set out to do.

How I learned to get through the barriers.

I did a whole lot of classes and would get frustrated with myself and my teachers as I could no longer see the beautiful things I could see before. It made my communication with my guides difficult, and I ended up with horrible ringing in the ears. It was a sign they were trying to get through, and I was not listening. So I realised, finally, that I am predominately clair-audient when communicating with my guides rather than visual. So I searched for ways to do this.

I asked questions of other people. Sought out teachers and classes and tried different ways. But, nothing connected with me until I found a You-Tube video on how to communicate with your guides. Ironically, when I try to search for the video I used back then, I can no longer locate it.

This video was showing you to sit in a dark and quiet space. To sit at a table with a pen and paper, light a candle, close your eyes and start asking your guides questions. You can prepare some questions before you dim the lights, or just write as you go. Because I could not think of what to ask I just decided to go with writing as I went.

What did I ask?

My first question was – What is your name? Right – we all want to know that. We ask each other’s name when we meet strangers so the natural assumption was that you would ask your guides name and they would tell you. Wrong. Well for me it was anyway. The first answer I got was – You do not need to know. You just need to trust us.

Well, that was hard for me at first, but I did come to terms with trusting them and then and only then did they start sharing their names with me. Now, this is not what it is like for everyone; you may be lucky enough to find out their name the first go. It is just what I went through when I did it. I am not great at learning things the easy way. Otherwise, I won’t do it.

It is not really about the questions, it is about the connection.

I put a lot of effort in learning to connect with my guides. So I started asking more questions. I would be talking aloud or inside my head, and I would begin to hear the answer before I finished the question. As you can imagine, this dumbfounded me for a while. I figured my mind was getting in the way. There speaks an ego. But, it was how it worked with the guides. They knew what we wanted even before we could finish the thought for ourselves. They connect at much higher levels than we are and have no timing issues. So yes they are aware of what we are doing long before we are.

The questions I found were honestly unimportant; it was all about establishing communication with them. Yes, I say to them, as we usually have more than one. It is hard sometimes to differentiate between who is who but you will learn along the way. For me, they genuinely speak differently and use different language just like you and I. We all have unique ways of expressing things, and they do too. If you need someone to be gentle, they will do that for you and if like me you need someone to kick you up the backside, they will.

Other ways to connect and communicate with them.

Finding this more comfortable to do the more I did it. I had to find other ways of communicating with them too. So being the stubborn person I am, I decided to test them out and would ask yes and know questions similar to ones I asked before with answers, with my pendulum. So we would sit and practice with a pen and paper to ask the questions and see the answers. Once was never enough for me I would do this for weeks at a time and ask the same questions at different times making sure I was getting the same answers. I would also ask the same questions in different ways trying to fool them, but they always were the same.

If I ever had a quiet time during the day, even when working sometimes, I would sit and ask them if they were there. Yes, they would answer me. Then I would ask if they have anything to tell me. Thus began my journey with automatic writing. Words would start to come to my head, long pages of information about things. Sometimes I would write so fast I could barely keep up nor could I read it afterwards. But I found a great way to communicate and get more detailed information.

Communication is not always what you expect.

Sometimes I would write down a question or statement and see what flowed. Something unique I found with my guides, as I questioned myself, am I sure this is them and not my mind again. They started communicating with me in rhyming sentences. They would not always end where you would expect them to, but the would always rhyme at the end. I found it quite hilarious at times but very refreshing. My friends not quite so much as they couldn’t comprehend why certain sentences sort of stopped in the middle but it was where they placed the rhyming words.

And yes, I still thought this was just my mind, and I was doing this. So more tests ensued, and I can not make rhyming sentences or write poetry to save my life. Much to my disgust at times.


Have fun with it

In conclusion, make some time to sit with them, have some fun and find out your unique way of communicating with them. Remembering there is no right or wrong way, only your way. You may not have the same success as I did and that ok. You will find your style the more effort you put into it.



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