Affirmations are Powerful

I love affirmations and work with them every day. I believe they make a massive difference in life and whenever I want to change anything I reform it to a positive I AM statement. When you feel down and low in vibration, you can uplift your energy by having fun with your affirmation statements. Screaming I AM amazing, makes you feel amazing.

How to make Affirmations


I AM – the most powerful saying in the Universe. Whatever you choose to follow it with is what you become. Repeating them often, with confidence, out loud and determination will train your mind to believe in them. It is sometimes a lengthy process depending on your commitment, but it is always worth it. You can write them down each day in your journal – as I do, or create a post-it note or image to put on your wall or phone so you can see it all the time.


Why do you want to use them?

Affirmations help you reprogram your conscious and unconscious mind. Repeating them often become a habit, and the more you do this, the better you believe it. It takes 21 days to create a new habit and change your thinking patterns, so practice this for 21 days and see how much difference it makes to you. Changing your belief system creates a high vibration in your energy and enables you to create a better life for yourself.


Exploring them further


Want to delve below the surface in regards to seeing how you feel about yourself and how your thoughts are travelling. For each Affirmation you create in your diary, follow up the thought processes and see where they lead you. Discover your real feelings and beliefs surrounding each one. Ask yourself if it is your truth? Do you need to reform it so you can encompass it easier? Is there personal development work required to clear deep-seated blockages? Reviewing your thoughts and feelings around each one will help you clear away all your resistance.


Make it fun

Create your own set of affirmations. What do you need the most? Be creative, paint some cards, draw some pictures, create a collage or colour it in. Cut them out to the desired size and write your personal messages on them. Carry them around with you to refer to them often, or put them around your bed, on the bathroom mirror or put them on the fridge. Wherever they are, look at them and repeat them to yourself often. I created a flip book for mine and read it every day.


  Create an audio file


Find that you absorb them better when you listen to them out loud. Why not create an audio file, play some music in the background and recite your affirmations out loud. You can use this to listen to each day or play then when you are heading to sleep. You can absorb them into your subconscious even when you are not consciously attending to them. There are some great You-Tube videos out there Louise L Hay has 101 Power Affirmations recorded that you can listen to and download too. I love this one; I play it often.





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24 September 2018

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  1. Kerrie Wearing

    Affirmations can be fun and right now I am what a wealthy woman looks like. LOL . Thanks for sharing.


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