Hello, I’m Shaz

Intuitive Life Coach

I Help Women Spiritually

I am a Natural Born Psychic Medium and Empath who offers;

  • Intuitive coaching
  • In-person, online and phone readings
  • Reiki and Seichim Healings
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation and Psychic Development Classes

I am looking forward to working with you on your journey  and congratulations for taking the first step in the process. You may be new to this process or you may be a seasoned traveller connecting once again with your higher self. I love working with women to become spiritually awake and to navigate through your journey to your higher self.

I empower and support all women in their mission to clarify:

  • What type of intuitive you are.
  • Discover your strongest Clair or healing gift.
  • Help create a deeper bond with your guides, angels, and guardians.
  • Uncover how to tap into their intuitive gifts or adapt to their new elevation.
  • Learn to clarify your way forward and confirm your next steps along your path.

I invite you to connect if you
would love to start your journey today

Find your balance, energy and happiness the natural way

About Me

I believe strongly in intuition.

Intuition is ingrained in all of us. We all have it.  It is our navigator, deep in our psyche, that guides our decisions, connections and direction through all facets of being.

If we tune in and quietly listen, we hear the message that we need to stay on track, make the choices that flow and keep the bonds that nourish us.

Listening to our intuition is a lifelong commitment. Our navigator has no hold on us. It does not shout, and it does not punish when we wander from our purpose. We can easily lose ourselves in the advice, warnings, guidelines, chatter and noise – all well-meaning, but rarely a perfect fit. For an idea to feel right, it needs to come from within. 

Are you looking to work on how to invest in yourself and listen to your intuition more to find your path? With the support of Guides and Angels, I empower my clients to achieve both personal and professional clarity. I reconnect them with their intuition and ignite their desire to better understand what their instincts are showing them. I can help them interpret and channel the spiritual energies they feel both inside and outside.

If you feel you have wandered and cannot find your way back, reach out and  ask how I can help you. Your self-talk may be full of

sabotage and defeat. You may be feeling surrounded by obstacles and unable to see a way through, or your beliefs and past experiences may be holding you back. These are moments in your life when your Guides and Angels can help too. They know your greatest strengths, your most powerful sources of energy and the doors you can open to reach the goals that really speak to you.

The adventure back to your intuitive self starts with a 90 min clarity session. I can share with you who your Guides and Angels are, and what they see in you. We can identify your goals, obstacles and moments of opportunity to pivot – find a direction that simply feels more uplifting and exciting, and sets those obstacles aside, and work together to start achieving those goals.  If you have more than one goal, you can pick the one that will bring you the greatest fulfilment and open up even more avenues.

I look forward to working with you. Your overwhelm does not need to be binding, burdensome or a trophy for hard work. There are easier ways to reach the goals you are here to achieve. Let’s find them today.

Shaz Cini

Intuitive Life Coach