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About Shaz Cini


Shaz has been intuitive her whole life.

As a child, she always had imaginary friends and talked to people and beings who most people couldn’t see.

She was always playing with fairies and angels and had a very vivid imagination.

Having a traumatic childhood caused her to internalise a lot of what was going on and hide a lot of the gifts she had.

For whenever she blurted things out about people, that she wasn’t meant to know she would get into trouble and freak people out.

Shaz was very close to her grandfather and knew when he passed away even before anyone told her as he came to say goodbye.

At school late one afternoon she put her head down on her desk and started crying, call out to him “No, don’t go, don’t leave me here”.

Her teacher came over to ask her what is going on, so she told that her grandfather died.

She got into trouble, was called a liar and sent from the room.

It broke her heart in many ways.


Her connection to Spirit shaped her life

There were many incidences like this where she just knew things long before she was told.

No matter how truthful it was, it usually resulted in her being punished in one way or another.

This resulted in Shaz retreating into herself, shutting down the connection she had and hiding it from the world.

To guard and protect herself she would lose herself in her books and faraway lands.

It was her safe place, where people couldn’t reach her and she could live more in her imagination.

Since her home life was unhappy and she was blamed for lots of things, she chose to live in a fantasy world.

Her imagination became her best friend.

So she became very adept at hiding her gifts and the special part of herself from others.

With this intention, she cloaked herself and her abilities for many years to come.


Discovering the Tarot and other Divination tools

It was during her late teens that her intuition came out clearer and stronger.

She discovered Tarot cards and was able to tell more of a story than was in the guidebook.

Her favourite book became the Psychic Development Handbook by Francis A Bevan (it is now her pleasure to call him her friend).

Devouring it she did all the practices in the book as it opened her eyes to spiritual development and other forms of divination.

She would often do readings for friends and family, sharing the messages she received when asked.

It was something she did in secret and never really let a lot of people know.


Spiritual Churches opened her up to a whole new world

During her late 20’s she started to investigate more of her spiritual side.

Finding spiritual churches and other spiritual centres to visit and discovering the healing power of crystals.

Reading loads of books and going to spiritual circles she found her passion in life.

Reconnecting with her spiritual family, learning about healing and self-development she once again opened up to the world of spirit.


Reiki and other healing modalities

In 2007, Shaz miscarried twins.

Not long after she was guided to delve deeper into the spiritual arts.

Discovering Reiki Healing and getting her first attunement took her down the path of energetic healing.

Years before she experienced kinesiology and at spiritual church, she met Barbara who is a kinesiologist.

Barbara became a mentor who introduced her to other energy healing modalities.

Taking her to participate in Reiki sharing circles and other healing practices.

Shaz chose to learn crystal healing, attune to a Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Siechim Master Teacher, along with other sub-modalities of Reiki.

This became the core foundation of her own healing journey and she discovered a passion for it.

The healing power of crystals and what they could do for you, along with Louise L Hays book You Can Heal Your Life.

That was the beginning of years worth of self-development and spiritual healing.

Meanwhile, she found herself, uncovered her inner power and pursued her desire for healing.


Starting her first business

In 2014, she started her own crystal shop called Basically Crystals.

Selling crystals, spiritual products as well as reading and healing services from The Creative Spirit Centre.

Teaching her love of crystals with everyone, hosting Reiki healing sharing circles and Reiki Attunement workshops.

Shaz had many successful healing sessions with clients and her healing techniques evolved in the exact way needed for each client.

She expanded her energy healing work to include toning with different musical instruments, crystals, light language and more.

Pursuing her love and passion for all of the different ways you could heal your life and body through personal development and inner soul work.

Shaz loved her Crystal Shop and spent 4 happy years building it up.

Connecting with other like-minded people sharing her love of crystals with everyone she met.

She thought she was living her true purpose and was following the right path.

But, it didn’t actually turn out that way.


Losing it all and starting again

Her crystal business failed in December 2017 and she went into a very dark place.

Believing she was going to give it all away and never connect with spirit again.

The pain of losing what she loved and having to start again from scratch was just too much.

She was adamant she was not going to try again so she had many fights with her guides and angels, telling them where to go.

But her Spirit Guides still had a plan for her and they convinced her to listen to her real soul calling and purpose.


Following her Guides and Archangel Michael

Shaz was still full of pain and resisting what she needed to do.

Some days she would fight with Archangel Michael, calling him names when he nudged her to try again.

Archangel Michael never gave up on her and kept pushing her towards her true direction.

Going back to Spiritual Church she started listening to her soul and connecting with other spiritual people.

This in turn led her to a deep dive into self-development, spiritual growth, manifestation and more.

Shaz found the world of online coaching and the power of the Law of Attraction.

It also opened her up to new healing modalities to heal herself.

She had to surrender completely to spirit, receiving higher guidance from the universe and do the hard yards on her own spiritual healing.

Finding spiritual mentors online and learning new healing modalities including EFT, Hypnosis and Ho’oponopono.

Archangel Michael told her to share the new tools and techniques she discovered.

It became her mission to promote different ways to connect to your own intuitive voice and heal yourself spiritually with her loyal followers.

To begin with, she created a new online teaching program.

Awakening your Inner Goddess is a 30-day program to awaken women to their soul’s purpose.

This is her life purpose, the true calling of her soul.

Teaching others that through the art of surrender, you can connect to the flow and alignment of the universe.


How manifestation and surrendering to spirit changed her life

Over the next two years, she spent plenty of time on her own deep personal development.

Journaling daily, clearing the way for the power of the Law of Attraction and manifestation.

Dreaming about the life she wanted to live.

It all started by asking herself 2 questions every day.

“What is this teaching me?”

A mantra to do the internal work, clear all her triggers and find inner peace.

“How can I be of Service?”

The desire to help other people, no matter how small through her message.

She committed to allowing her higher self and spirit guides to steer her in the right direction.

A dear friend invited her to network events with other women in business.

Through networking, Shaz made lots of new friends and business connections that gave her the strength and courage to start another business.

That is how her Intuitive Life Coaching and Spiritual Business Mentoring Business was opened.


When your Spirit Guides have a greater plan

Shaz opened her business again in July 2020.

Her plan was to offer reading, healing, coaching services and Intuitive Development classes.

Getting back to the basics of connecting with her favourite oracle cards daily and opening the doors to her intuition.

Meditating and visualisation with her Spirit Guides and Higher-self told her to write a journal to help people track their spiritual growth and development.

So, she wrote the Develop Your Intuition Journal.

The journal had only just been released when they then told her to create a new deck of oracle cards.

The Develop Your Oracle cards were channelled one morning from 3 am to 10 am.

They were released in June 2021.

In April 2021, Shaz was invited to be a part of the Royale Psychic Reading Room.

Attending events like Mind Body Spirit Festival and the Royal Easter Show.

Shaz started to connect with and sell crystals again at Expos and online.

More opportunities opened up for her including platforming at events and connecting with the Media and Podcasters for interviews.


Coaching clients bought forth her new Affirmation Cards

In the meantime, as all of this was going on in the background, Shaz was still doing her daily development and self-growth.

Sharing her skills with her new coaching clients.

It was during these coaching sessions with her clients when working on their mindset and self-esteem, she realised something.

Affirmations while being a powerful tool sometimes lacked the oomph needed to get past barriers in place for some of her clients.

Although, when her passion took control she started telling them how fucking amazing and powerful they were!

Shaz saw they sat up and took notice and since she can also see Aura’s, she noted that the Aura shifted and believed it too.

From there, her Guides told her to create the Fucking Powerful Affirmation Cards.

These cards are specifically designed to break down the barriers you have built around yourself.

Ultimately seeing the wonderful and beautiful person you are on the inside.

Testing them on her clients being told how much they love them and seeing their response to them makes her so happy.

Her greatest wish in this world is for everyone to follow the guidance from spirit and chase after their dreams

Shaz is creating the life she has always wanted to live.

She wants to help you do the same.





Find your balance, energy and happiness the natural way

Shaz Cini Intuitive Life Coach

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