3 ways to develop intuition

3-easy ways to develop your Intuition!

Intuition is like a muscle! You have to work it in order to strengthen it to grow. For the best results, you will want to exercise this muscle daily.

Your activities do not have to take a lot of time. You do not have to spend hours and hours in meditation to strengthen this gift. All you need is to focus and commit to 5-10 mins a day to any or all of these options.

1. Expand your intuition with Oracle or Tarot cards

Create a daily ritual. Ask your guides what do you I need to know today. Pull three cards from your favourite oracle or tarot deck – or one card from multiple decks. Sit with the cards for a few moments and tune into the messages they are telling you.

Firstly, look at the images – what stands out the most – the words, colours, symbols, animals, numbers – something unique will jump out at you and in a journal (if you choose) write down your feelings or sensations you are receiving about the card.

Secondly, feel into each card, what feelings are evoked, are they good or bad, up or down. Something to look forward to or something to be concerned about.

Thirdly, listen to the guidance from your spirit team, tune into the words you are receiving. Without thinking or analysing just write them down and go back to review them later.

Get into a practice of doing this daily – you will start to get different messages from the same cards over time and this growth of your intuition. This will deepen the connection you are creating with your intuition and the collaboration with your cards.

You will start to expand your awareness of the card and each day you will more than likely have something else stand out more depending on what is happening around you.

2. Spirit Guide – Question and Answers.

In a notebook start writing down questions you would like to receive answers to from spirit.

As you start writing your questions you will also start to hear or feel the answers. Our minds are not quick enough to answer a question that we have not fully completed but Spirit is more aware of what is going on so they start to reply before you finish.

Write down the answers. Free write, don’t think just answer – listen to the guidance you are receiving. It will come in words, thoughts, feelings, symbols, smells, or sounds. Be open to all and just write – as you get stronger with this method your writing will change and you will barely keep up with the words on the page.

It takes a little practice with this method but it will grow quickly the more you do it. You will be amazed at some of the guidance that you get from your spirit team of Higher-Self.

You can also use this action to future journal with your Higher-Self to find out the steps you need to take in order to create your dreams. Ask yourself what do I need to do today in order to get to where you are now.

You will be amazed at what you can access from yourself in these situations. Sometimes you may need to meditate to get a deeper connection to this version of yourself but it is available to you.

3. Ask your Guides for a Sign.

Spiritual communication is a two-way street. You can ask for things you want or signs you need to confirm that you are on the right path, making the right decision or to just keep the faith as it is taking more time than you wanted.

Sit in meditation and ask your guides to give you a sign – a unique symbol, word, image, colour, animal, or number just for you. Your personal code that you are on the right path, that this is your truth, this is the right decision.

For instance, my sign is an Elephant – when I first asked Spirit for a sign I thought to myself there is no way I am going to see that. How will that show up for me – Elephants are not easy to find.

With modern access that we have to social media our guides can communicate with us through these mediums. I started seeing memes, messages, images, words, and more elephants. They were everywhere, My sign for abundance, guidance and direction would show up all over the place.

Even when I went shopping and I would see toys, pictures, and figurines of elephants. Random strangers would give me messages with elephants in them. While reading books elephants would appear in them.

I have had this symbol for two years now and I am currently doing some training courses. In addition to learning great things, there are random pictures of elephants or a trainer mentions an elephant.

So when Spirit wants to show you that you are on the right path they will make your symbol appear.

Ask them for a sign that you are on the right path – if you are going for a new job ask them to show your sign in a set time frame – if it turns up it is a go, and if not it is a no. You can use this sign as confirmation for many reasons, but mostly to raise your awareness of what is going on around you and to ensure you are paying closer attention to your own connection and greatness.

Make growing your intuition fun

Finally, the more fun you make these activities the faster your connection grows. It no longer becomes a chore it becomes a fun part of your day. Something that you look forward to each day.

The more fun you make it – the more you want to do it – the more you do it – the stronger your muscle gets and that is how simple it is to grow your intuition.

Looking at more in-depth ways to grow your intuition and connect to like-minded women – come join my Intuitive Development Classes. 

Shaz Cini Intuitive Life Coach Psychic Medium

Shaz Cini

Shaz is a natural-born Psychic Medium and Empath who offers: ✨ online and phone readings ✨ Reiki Healings ✨ Reiki Training and Attunements ✨ Unicorn Reiki ✨ Seichim Healings ✨ Energy Healings ✨ Chakra Balances and Crystal Healings

24 June 2020

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  1. Elisa Kupresanin

    This is divine timing for me, so I’m truly grateful.

    You sure have a way with words Shaz, you make it personal yet professional and most all, easy to follow.

    I’m looking forward to putting these practices into place and seeing the developments take place as they need to.

    Thank you Shaz – your gift is beautiful xx

    • ShazC

      Thank you Elisa I am so glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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