10 tips helping empaths

10 tips helping empaths survive the holiday season

10 tips helping empaths survive the holiday season


As an Empath, navigating the holidays can be challenging. There are more people out and about shopping and their emotions can be quite overwhelming. Empathic people can feel other people’s emotions and residual energy at different locations. So not only are they dealing with current feelings, thoughts, and emotions they are also dealing with historical memories.

The main reason Empaths struggle so much with this type of energy is, not only do they feel it very deeply – their heart and soul calls for them to change it. They want to make it better. The desire to shift it and change it to a better vibration is so strong it overwhelms them and sometimes they will retreat back into themselves or hide. It is against an Empath’s nature to hide away from things as they usually want to create great change. So the constant feeling of wanting to hide can be quite disturbing for them and can bring on anxiety and depression symptoms.

How many of these 10 tips helping empaths survive the holiday season do you follow?

Cleanse your aura and energy field with Selenite every day.

Selenite is a powerful crystal that helps you clear your energy field. With a small slab or rod, you can wash your auric field much like using dry soap. This will help you remove all unwanted energetic cords and connection to other people. It will also help you cleanse and reset your chakras.

Wash your body with white sage soap

White sage soap is wonderful to cleanse and wash your body. You will sage your body and remove all negative energy each day in your shower. When you are feeling very drained have a shower and wash with the soap and you feel renewed and re-energised.

Wear a Labradorite crystal to shield your energy

I call Labradorite Teflon. It puts an energy shield around you so that you can still tap into and feel the energies around you but they don’t stick to you; they slide right off. The crystal will help you release unwanted energies that don’t belong to you with ease.

Cut your cords daily to remove all connections made while out and about

Every time we talk to someone or interact with them – we create an energetic cord with them. So on any given day, you can create 100’s of cords to different people. You need to cut these cords daily so you are not carrying around their emotional baggage with you. There are many different ways to cut these cords – my favourite is to call on Archangel Michael. Ask him to bring down his sword and cut all cords to anyone you have connected with today. Making sure you do this before bed means you will sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed and connected just to yourself.

Cutting cords does not sever relationships. It just releases the energetic connection to them that you don’t need to carry around with you.

Set daily intentions for how you want your day to go

Intention setting is a powerful way to tell the universe how you want or expect your day to go. When you set an intention you are stating what you want and what energy you are creating for yourself. Making a choice of what you will and won’t accept also helps you take back control. It is a wonderful way to manifest flow and ease each day.

Offer a blessing to everyone you meet

Either in your mind or out loud – offer a blessing to each person that you meet with. This can be as simple as saying thank you for their service, Wishing them well, saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays are great ways to build high vibrations. The more you spread goodwill the better you end up feeling at the end of each day.

Imagine yourself in a white bubble of protection

Every morning visualise yourself in a white bubble of protection. This is a great energetic exercise to protect your energy from reaching others. You fill your auric space with white light. Ask your angels or guides to help you put this energy field around you so you can keep space between you and others while you go about your daily activities.

Create a light switch for your energy and switch it off before going shopping

We have the ability to create a metaphysical light switch for our energy. I have created this to use when I need to distance myself energetically from others. Anytime I go out with large crowds I turn off my light switch. This does not mean you can never connect to the energy again. It just means that while it is off you don’t want to connect to every person you walk past. It also means you don’t tune in to other people inadvertently or without their permission.

Turning off your switch does not mean your guide and angels can’t talk to you at all. If there is an important message or intuitive warning that you need – these messages will still come through.

Ground your energy often and connect back to the Earth

One of the simplest ways to beat down overwhelm and stabilize your energy is ground. Pushing our energy back into the earth helps us release unwanted energies. It also helps us to remain calm, clear and connected. Imagining roots growing out of your feet and connecting to the Earth. Going outside and walking barefoot on the grass. Hugging a tree or sitting in nature. Sitting on a rock and meditating. All simple ways to ground your energy.

Smile and have fun – raise your vibration love conquers all

Smile at every person you walk past. You never know what they are going through and how something simple as a smile can change their day. Smiles are contagious, so pass them on. The more you do it, the higher you raise your vibration. Like attracts like. A high vibration will attract more people with high vibration. You will surround yourself with people of a high vibration and find yourself filled with joy and happiness.

Filling your heart with love, joy, and happiness will make your holiday season. You will find the time passes quickly.  There will be much enjoyment and merriment. And most of all you will start to look forward to the holiday season and want it to last longer.


Let me know how these 10 tips are helping empaths survive the holiday season.

Need some help to navigate this holiday season – check out my Empath Clearing Crystal Kit. 

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3 December 2020

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