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Have you ever asked yourself?

What does my future hold or what is in store for me?
Am I on the right path or am I making the right decision?

If you answered YES to any of these, you are in the right place and I am so happy you’re here.

Hi I’m Shaz – Intuitive Empowerment Coach,

“I help spiritually. awake women navigate their awakening and ascension process.

Are you new on your journey or a seasoned traveller going through new upgrades and expansions?

I support all women in their mission to clarify:

What type of intuitive you are? Your strongest Clair or healing gift. How to create a deeper bond with your guides, angels and guardians.

How to tap into their intuitive gifts or adapt to their new elevation. Clarify your way forward and confirm your next steps along your path.

Connect if you’d love to learn more.”

I am a Natural Born Psychic Medium and Empath who offers;

* Intuitive coaching

* In-person, online and phone readings

* Reiki and Seichim Healings

* Hypnosis

*Meditation and Psychic Development Classes



Here’s How We Can Work Together

Tarot & Intuitive Readings


Psychic Development Classes

Sharon really was phenomenal.
She immediately identified the level I am at and was able to solidify things that I know, and how to understand it, zoning in on key areas and targeting specific points of limitation and well as identifying areas of growth. 
She encourages doing your own work, consciously, as well as clears areas and identifies spiritual energies that are working with you to clear issues on many levels, what work they are doing on your behalf and what you need to focus on yourself. 
She was able to pinpoint for me the exact areas I needed to focus on in terms of my spiritual and emotional growth. Specifically, she honed in on key aspects from this life that are still stumbling blocks.
I had understandings of areas blocking my life and my progression but was unable to articulate how to unravel the complexities of this.
Shaz was able to tap into all aspects of these blocks and direct me to areas that I needed to focus on, work on and release.
She understood on a very deep level, the dimensions of these blocks and what spiritual energies I was directed to work with to move forward. Karmic debt issues were identified, helping me to see and understand what burdens I am ready to let go of and what areas I need to do self-work.
Sharon also offered insights into future events and how to improve my connection with these.
She was upfront about her limitations and completely removed from ego, pointing me in the direction of other healers to work with on other aspects and reminding me of the work that I needed to do for myself.
She identified many layers on many levels in a clear in a concise manner which reflected my level of understanding and spoke in a language that resonated with me.
She is exceptional as a resource for coaches and healers wanting to improve their own work through improving themselves. She is a great support for women – understanding that by growing as an individual we grow as a group so that our work is at a deeper level for ourselves and our clients.


Fiona Van Lochem

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