Fucking Powerful Affirmation Cards

A 44-card deck of Affirmation Cards to help you Shift into a Power Mindset.

Develop Your Intuition Oracle Cards

A 52-card deck of Oracle Cards to help you Develop Your Intuition.

Develop Your Intuition Journal

A 90-day journal to help you Develop Your Intuition.

Shaz Cini

Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, and Author


Have you ever asked yourself:

What does my future hold for me or what is in store for me?

Am I on the right path and making the right decisions?

Does everyone have intuition and how can I understand mine better?

Why do I feel burdened with other people's energy and emotions?

Then you have come to the right place and I'm so glad to meet you.

I'm Shaz Cini - Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, and Author.


Shaz Cini Intuitive Life Coach Psychic Medium

I empower and support you in your mission to clarify:

  • What type of intuitive you are
  • Discover your strongest Clair or healing gift
  • Help create a deeper bond with your guides, angels and guardians
  • Uncover how to tap into your angel's or guardian's intuitive gifts or adapt to their new elevation
  • Your way forward and confirm your next steps along your path

I invite you to connect if you'd love to start your journey today.

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How I can help you

Develop Your Intuition Online Classes

Want to learn metaphysics or how to read and connect to your Oracle cards?

Check out the different types of classes on offer online.

Intuitive Empathic Readings

Need guidance in your life?

Come find some clarity, inspiration and direction.

Four different types of readings are available: Intuitive Empathic, Psychic Medium, Tarot or Oracle card and Archangel readings.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Are you feeling lost and unsure of your life path and future?
Would you like more confidence to follow your dreams and live the life you know you want?

Intuitive life coaching helps you find confidence and trust in yourself through intuition so you can manifest your dreams and desires by tapping into your passion and purpose.

See which coaching package works best for you.

Shadow Work

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Shadow Work

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Full Moon Manifesting

Full Moon Manifesting

Full Moon Manifesting is a ritual-based practice to help you create what you want most right now—tapping into Universal energies at their highest peak. The Full Moon occurs once a month, and if we are lucky twice a month, also known as the Blue Moon. Every month the...

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Protect my House

Protect my House

Protect my house. Have you been living in your house for a long time or are you moving to a new house? Sometimes you feel like the energy is off in your house and you may want to fix it. These are are simples ways you can protect your house.   Using a crystal...

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